Jen Widerstrom Vs. Katie Crewe

May 19th 2020

Getting healthy is hard, but staying healthy is even harder! We have all made fitness and health goals only to abandon them not too long after. Then the cycle eventually starts over with new goals and new broken habits. Setting yourself up for success with your fitness goals is essential.

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Set Yourself Up For Success

One way you can do this is to track your progress with an app on your phone. There are many to choose from, including apps for weight loss, calorie counting, and even marathon training. One app worth looking into is SportMe, which will help you customize a training plan and make adjustments to that plan to fit your needs. The app also connects you with certified running coaches to help answer your questions and adjust your training plan.

You should also have concrete goals to work towards. Wanting to lose weight is great, but setting a realistic timeline and number of pounds to lose is more attainable. Eating healthier is a great goal, but specifying the servings of vegetables to increase each day or unhealthy food to cut out of your diet is better. Wanting to stay hydrated is good, but even better would be setting the amount of water in ounces to drink each day and then recording your progress. Reasonable goals will allow you to see progress and measure when you attain the goal.

Another way to help you reach your fitness goals is to find a fitness coach that has the same mindset and goals. Finding someone to help you create a healthy lifestyle and offer an online community of support and encouragement will go a long way when it comes to sticking with your goals instead of giving up.

There are many online fitness coaches and personal trainers to choose from, but it is essential to learn a little about them first. If you find someone who believes in the same approach to health and fitness, then you will be able to truly feel supported and build the best version of your life.

 Jen Widerstrom and Katie Crewe are both examples of health coaches you should consider.

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Jen Widerstrom

Jen Widerstrom


Jen Widerstrom focuses on changing your lifestyle from the inside out. She believes that the thoughts in your head affect your physical progress and well-being. She thinks that to be healthy, you must first change the way you think and realize that you have both the answers and the power to change your own life. The obstacles in your life are just opportunities to grow and become stronger. Your habits, not your circumstances, decide your future.

She has several workout plans and challenges to be a part of on her website so you can find something that fits your needs. One of her popular challenges is the Carb Cycling challenge.

Carb Cycling

This challenge is all about finding the right balance for your body and goals when it comes to using carbs. The challenge helps teach you how to utilize a carb cycling strategy to help you push through plateaus in weight loss and fitness.

During the challenge, you learn to vary carbohydrate intake depending on the day, week, or month. Using this approach helps to burn fat, build muscle, and help maintain physical performance. It also enables you to lower your caloric intake to help align your progress with your goals.

A lot of people think that carbs are bad for you, but like all things in excess, they can be. Too many carbs that exceed your energy needs will be stored as fat in your body and spike your insulin levels. They are also great for increasing muscle growth. The trick is to use them effectively.

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Katie Crewe

Katie Crewe


Katie Crewe has been helping clients in person and online for years to implement real changes to move towards a sustainable, healthier life. She is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and a Certified Nutritional Practitioner. These certifications, combined with her degree in psychology and health coach experience, help to create the best plan for you.

She knows it can be intimidating to start a fitness journey when you feel clueless and out of shape. She wants everyone to succeed and works with you to help you stay on track and learn how to be your best self.

She has an app that can help you track your progress and set realistic goals as you work through one of her guides. She has an Ultimate Gym Guide that focuses on a six days a week approach to help you get comfortable lifting in the gym with little to no experience. You will not only learn the fundamentals about lifting, but you will also develop solid patterns to help you increase your confidence and improve your form.

She also has a strength-based program if you are focused on getting stronger. This is a five days a week plan to help push your body to the maximum amount it can handle while still staying safe.

There is also a shorter program that is scheduled for three times a week if you are busy and need to start off with something less intense. You will get full-body workouts that help to target specific muscle groups and will maximize the time you have to work out.

You can try her programs for seven days for free to see if it will be a good fit for you and if it is something that you will stick with before purchasing. She also has an online following to keep you motivated and help you feel like a part of a group.

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Finding the Right Fit

Starting on a new health journey is all about knowing your own body and finding the best fit for you. Trying to conform to someone else’s ideal or favorite workout routine will leave you feeling frustrated if it is not the right fit for you. Understanding what your body needs and what is important to you will set you on a path for success.

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