The Most Challenging Time of the Year

January 17th 2020

I sign up for one challenging race every year. My first one was a 10K (still my hardest race experience), then I tackled a half marathon, a full, then a triathlon, then a half-marathon with 3,000 feet of climb, and now I'm signed up for a marathon on my next birthday. 

Each race was a little different than the last and each race scared me. And therein lies the magic. A little bit of fear about an upcoming run can literally keep you on your toes.

I find that I have three types of running days - days I'm definitely running, days I'm definitely not running, and days that could go either way. Those swing days are the ones I try and turn. Having a race that scares me gets me off the couch and on the run. It gets me over the hump.

That's why our philosophy is to Always Be Training. Get something on the calendar and be working towards a goal. If you're not improving, you're declining.

The holidays are a tough time to train, but setting a goal and making a plan can be a big help.


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Workout of the Week: 'Fake' Run

What is it? If the weather prevents you from going outside and you don't have access to a treadmill, here's a routine that approximates running. The best part: you can do it in your living room.

How to execute it:

  • 5 mins of running in place + 30 secs of heel raises, 30 secs of squats, 30 secs of lunges, 30 secs of high knees. 
  • 5 mins of running in place + 30 secs of left plank, 30 secs of right plank, 30 secs of standard plank, 30 secs of superman/superwoman. 
  • 5 mins of running in place + 30 secs of jumping jacks, 30 secs of butt kicks, 30 secs of mountain climbers, 30 secs of pushups. 
  • 5 mins of running in place + 30 secs of flutter kicks, 30 secs of bicycle crunches, 30 secs of v-situps, 30 secs of Russian twists. 
  • 5 mins of running in place.

Why you should do it? It's cold outside. Or raining. Or you don't feel like putting on shoes. Or your Achilles needs a break. There are a lot of reasons to do an in-home workout. The important thing is to keep the blood flowing every day.

Need help? Hit reply and we'll give you some personalized guidance.

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 Can't Run? Think again. 

 Having worked with thousands of runners for more than a decade, we've heard just about every excuse NOT to run. In this post, we outline some of the most common excuses and how to overcome them.


Race of the Week: NYRR Midnight Run

December 31, 2018 in New York, New York

If you don't have plans to ring in the year in Times Square, give the NYRR Midnight Run a look. The actual run (4 miles) starts as the ball drops at midnight, but the dance party warmup for this one starts at 10PM. Log your first miles of the year under a fireworks display. FYI - this race can also help you earn a coveted spot in the New York City Marathon.

Putting a race on the calendar is one of the best ways to commit to a training plan.

Check out The NYRR Midnight Run

Pro Tip: Leverage Your Lunch Hour

Try leveraging your lunch hour during the hazy shades of winter. Regardless of where you live, it's likely the warmest time of day and the time with the most daylight. It's also likely to result in a more lucid, productive afternoon.

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 Holiday Running 'Hacks'

 Some call it the most wonderful time of the year. We think of it as the most challenging time of the year... to stay fit. Between inclement weather, shorter days, holiday parties, and a litany of other challenges, it's easy to let your hard earned running fitness fall by the wayside.


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